<bgsound src="martyrdom.mid" loop="infinite"> Poem on the Sufferings and Crucifixion of Jesus: Behold the Bleeding Lamb of God C.M.
Suggested Tune: AVON (MARTYRDOM)


Gijsbert V.B., February 29, 2004

“Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.” (John 1:29b)


1. Behold the bleeding Lamb of God,
Uplifted on the tree;
His blood streams forth, a crimson tide,
To set the sinner free.

2. With crushing blows the mallet strikes,
And nails His hands and feet;
There on the cursed tree He hangs,
That law and peace might meet.

3. No sorrows like to His are known,
Such pain was never felt;
The wrath for us, on Him is poured—
A sight our hearts to melt.

4. Lo piercing thorns are made a wreath,
To crown the King of kings;
His blood drips down His anguished face,
As He salvation brings.

5. Hark to the cries, His heart gives voice,
Of love untold before;
The sinner’s Friend, through His own pain,
Forgiveness does implore.

6. Upon Himself, He bears our sins;
Was made a curse for them;
That God might view us in His Christ,
And ne’er our souls condemn.

7. What torment on His soul is poured,
He trembles from the pain;
The anguish of the dying hour,
Was for our life to gain.

8. Oh who can estimate the love,
That fills Him to the end;
His Father’s glory is His own,
To save His bride that sinned.

9. Behold the dying Lamb of God,
Who suffers in your stead;
“’Tis finished” sounds His vict’ry cry;
Then bows His sacred head.

10. A spear releases all His love,
By giving one last blow;
The fount to open in His side,
Where blood and water flow.

11. There hangs the sinless, spotless Lamb,
Our debt and death to pay;
Makes perfect sacrifice to God,
And takes our sins away.

12. Then soon to glory He does rise,
The all-victorious King;
Now pleads His blood and soon will come,
Us to Himself to bring.

13. What glory then shall we behold,
The thought should us amaze;
Yet now we may behold the Lamb,
And crown Him with our praise.


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