<bgsound src="Hehidethmysoul.mid" loop="infinite"> Poem on Christ's Resurrection: Jesus Lives Again


Gijsbert V.B., April 2004

Suggested Tune: HeHidethMySoul


“I am He that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen.” (Revelation 1:18a)


1. They laid my Redeemer within the cold earth,
When after His blood He had shed;
My life He had purchased, my death He had died;
And then He came forth from the dead.


He liveth again, and to glory does rise,
Eternal triumphant above;
He liveth for me, and in Him will I live,
E’er in His embraces of love,
E’er in His embraces of love.


2. “Come see the last place where thy Lord had been laid,
Remember the words He had said;
Lo, He is not here for He liveth again,
Why seek Him among them that’re dead?”


3. The grave He has conquered, its terror removed,
Death’s sting He has taken away;
The victory He giveth, in hope I shall rise,
When comes the eternal last day.


4. I long for the hour of my Saviour’s return,
When to Him my heart will be nigh;
His countless redeemed to Himself He shall bring,
To live in His presence on high.


5. His grace is so matchless, His love is so great,
He opens the heavens to me;
The moment yet lingers, but shortly will come,
When Jesus, my Saviour I’ll see.


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