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The Precious Blood of Jesus

Gijsbert V.B., April-May 2004

“Forasmuch as ye know that ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, from your vain conversation received by tradition from your fathers; But with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot.”
(I Peter 1:18-19)


1. We need Thy blood Lord Jesus,
Our hearts are full of sin;
We need that fount to cleanse us,
And make us pure again;
Then wash us in Thy fountain,
And hide us in Thy side;
Thy blood is all we plead for,
Our Saviour crucified.

2. Without Thy blood Lord Jesus,
Lost sinners we remain;
Without Thy blood to wash us,
We bear our sin and shame;
Then dreadful wrath surrounds us,
And death and hell are nigh;
Oh cleanse us precious Saviour,
For without Thee we die.

3. We plead Thy blood Lord Jesus,
Our only hope is here;
No argument prevaileth,
But blood inclines Thy ear;
Oh hear us helpless sinners,
For Thy own sake we pray;
“Deliver us from evil,”
And take our sins away.

4. We need Thy blood Lord Jesus,
No other blood will do;
But Thine, the blood that frees us,
And makes our spirits new;
For we are unclean sinners,
And oft’ in sin we go;
We come to Thee Lord Jesus,
Now wash us white as snow.

5. The blood of Jesus sprinkled,
Upon our sinful hearts;
Destroys the power of Satan,
And holiness imparts;
When ‘neath the blood of Jesus,
No sin in us is found;
Covered with blood from Jesus,
Our sins at once are drowned.

6. There is no blood like Jesus’,
So mighty and so free;
There is no blood more precious,
Than Jesus’ blood to me;
Though as the chief of sinners,
For me there still is blood;
Here cleansing I find daily,
Beneath that crimson flood.

7. One drop of blood from Jesus,
Is of eternal worth;
One drop of blood from Jesus,
Can cleanse this sinful earth;
Yet you must hide in Jesus,
His blood must cleanse your heart;
For without faith in Jesus,
God’s wrath will not depart.

8. There is no blood like Jesus’,
Its worth no words can tell;
This blood of Christ is priceless,
It saves from lowest hell;
Yet it is freely given,
And there’s enough for all;
By grace you now may have it—
Hear now the gospel call.

9. Wash in the blood of Jesus,
You who the law has cursed;
Wash in the blood of Jesus,
You who have sinned the worst;
This blood of Christ will cleanse you,
From every sin you’ve done;
This blood will make you righteous,
As if you had done none.

10. The blood of Jesus covers,
The highest mount of sin;
The blood of Jesus cleanses,
The very worst of men;
Where once the heart was heavy,
This blood brings perfect peace;
One site of Christ’s blood flowing,
Gives joy that will not cease.

11. Between our sins and justice,
Our Saviour came and stood;
He took the wrath appointed,
And bore what none else could;
His righteous blood flowed freely,
The sword was satisfied;
And never will it strike those,
Who ‘neath this blood do hide.

12. We sing Thy praise Lord Jesus,
Who art exalted high;
We sing Thy blood most precious,
By which we are made nigh:
Sing “unto Him that loved us,
And washed us in His blood;
And made us kings forever,
And priests unto our God.”


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