<bgsound src="redhead.mid" loop="infinite"> Poem on Unbelief: Wherefore didst thou doubt?


Gijsbert V.B., March 17, 2004

Suggested Tunes: AJALON, REDHEAD


“Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid.” (Matthew 14:27b)


1. Waves of guilt surround my soul,
Violent billows o’er me roll;
Raging winds cast me about,
And my heart is filled with doubt;
Yet I strive against the wave,
Hoping for myself to save.

2. When the hour is darkest night,
Then a scene fills me with fright;
For my Lord I don’t perceive—
His great love I don’t believe;
When He comes, I cry with fear;
But He speaks, “Be of good cheer.”

3. “It is I; be not afraid;”
On these words my soul is stayed;
Oh, what joy now fills my heart;
Out to Christ I would depart;
For the waves that still surround,
Now appear as solid ground.

4. “Bid me come my Lord to Thee,
I would venture on the sea;”
And inviting, “Come,” He says;
Then on Him, I fix my gaze;
Leave the hope the boat did give—
Through my Saviour then I live.

5. But alas, I turn my eyes
To the waves, and courage flies;
As I sink, in fear I cry:
“Lord, save me,” o’er else I die;
He Who’s hand was ever near,
Saves me out of all my fear.

6. And alas why doubt did I—
In the night He still was nigh;
He e’er makes the wind to cease,
Fills my guilty soul with peace;
Worship Him as God I must,
And in Him put all my trust.


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