<bgsound src="stflavian.mid" loop="infinite"> Poem on the Gospel of Jesus Christ: Bought with the Blood of Jesus C.M.
Suggested Tune: ST. FLAVIAN


Gijsbert V.B., February 27, 2005

"Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood." (Revelation 1:5b)


1. The fount of blood is open wide,
To cleanse the worst of men;
'Tis opened in the Saviour's side-
There wash away your sin.

2. Though you have sinned ten thousand times,
Christ's blood will still avail;
Though you have done the worst of crimes,
God's grace will yet prevail.

3. Yes, there is blood - oh blessed word;
The streams from Jesus flowed;
Oh let this truth by all be heard,
To all let it be showed.

4. The Lamb of God was slain and died,
For sinners such as you;
He on the cross was crucified,
That God might pardon you.

5. No price is needed to obtain,
This pardon promised here;
His blood will wash your blackest stain,
And from all guilt will clear.

6. The blood of Jesus was the price,
For which God's justice cried;
Christ's free, atoning sacrifice,
This justice satisfied.

7. Behold the depths of Jesus' love,
That He should take our place;
In love He came from heav'n above,
And died to purchase grace.


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