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Gijsbert V.B., October 2002

"The Father is willing, the Son is willing, and the Holy Spirit is willing."


1. The Lamb of God has given
Himself as sacrifice,
To save such poor lost sinners
Who could not pay the price;
God's wrath on Christ then falling
In torrents from above,
Is turned away from sinners,
And freely will He love.     (Hosea 14:4)

2. The bleeding wounds of Jesus,
A crystal stream did flow,
And filled the gospel fountain
That washes white as snow.
The Spirit now is calling
To all along its brink:
Come satisfy thy thirsting-
Here freely you may drink.     (Revelation 21:6; 22:17)

3. The gospel Way appointed
Is yet the only Way;     (Acts 4:12)
Oh do not try another,
Or seek a price to pay.     (Galatians 2:16)
Your crimson sins are many,
Then flee to Christ and live;
You'll hear the voice of Jesus:
I freely all forgive.     (Luke 7:47)

4. By faith in the Lord Jesus,
By resting in His love,
By clinging to His merits,
By washing in His blood,
By hoping in His mercy,
Your sins upon Him place;
And be justified from evil,
Thus freely by His grace.     (Romans 3:24)

5. And unto those that love Him
Whom they have never seen,     (I Peter 1:8)
Believing and rejoicing,
Their souls upon Him lean,     (I Peter 1:8)
Receive a full salvation,
The Fount of Water Springs,     (John 4:14)
And place by God their Saviour,
Who freely gives all things.     (Romans 8:32)


[6] Jerusalem My people,
How oft' I'd gather thee;     (Matthew 23:37; Luke 13:34)
And e'en when thou dost pierce Me,
My heart will bleed for thee.     (Luke 23:34)
Yet once more thou shalt see Me,     (Luke 13:35)
When grace shall change thy will;     (Zechariah 12:10)
And then you'll find as written,
I'm freely willing still.     (Matthew 23:39; Zechariah 13:1)


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