List of Names and Descriptions for Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ

Some of these descriptions may also be considered as fruits or the results of faith in a believer's soul. Sample verse references are included.


1. Abide in Him (John 15:4)
2. Acknowledge Him (Pr. 3:6)
3. Be stayed upon Him (Is. 26:3)
4. Behold Him (John 1:29)
5. Believe in Him (John 3:16)
6. Build upon Him (Mat. 7:24)
7. Buy from Him (Isaiah 55:1)
8. Call upon Him (Rom. 10:13)
9. Casting all care upon Him (1 Peter 5:7)
10. Cleave to Him (Acts 11:23)
11. Cling to Him (Deut. 30:20)
12. Come unto Him (Matt. 11:28)
13. Commune with Him (Ex. 25:22)
14. Confess Him (Matt. 10:32)
15. Crown Him (Rev. 4:10)
16. Cry to Him (Luke 18:7)
17. Delight in Him (Ps. 37:4)
18. Desire Him (Haggai 2:7)
19. Draw near to Him (Ps. 73:28)
20. Drink Him (John 6:48-58)
21. Eat Him (John 6:48-58)
22. Expect all from Him (Ps. 62:5)
23. Find Him (Acts 17:27)
24. Follow Him (Ps. 63:8; Matthew 4:19)
25. Forsake all for Him (Lu 14:33)
26. Give Him your heart (Pr. 23:26)
27. Glorify Him (Psalm 50:15)
28. Glory in Him (1 Cor. 1:31)
29. Go to Him (Matt. 14:29)
30. Haste to Him (Luke 19:6)
31. Hear Him (John 10:16)
32. Honor Him (Is. 58:13; Matthew 15:18)
33. Hope in Him (1 Cor. 15:19)
34. Hunger for Him (Matt. 5:6)
35. Joy in Him (John 20:20)
36. Kiss Him (Psalm 2:12)
37. Know Him (John 17:3)
38. Learn of Him (Matt. 11:29)
39. Lift up your soul/heart to Him (Ps 25:1; 86:4; 143:8)
40. Listen to Him (John 5:24)
41. Live in Him (John 11:26)
42. Long for Him (Psalm 63:1)
43. Look unto Him (Isaiah 45:22)
44. Love Him (John 14:15)
45. Make mention of His righteousness (Ps. 71:16)
46. Mourn for Him (Zec. 12:10)
47. Need Him (Matt. 9:12)
48. Obey Him (Hebrews 5:9)
49. Open to Him (Rev. 3:20)
50. Pour out your heart before Him (Psalm 62:8; 142:2)
51. Pray unto Him (Mark 11:24)
52. Receive Him (John 1:12)
53. Rejoice in Him (Phil. 4:4)
54. Rely upon Him (Isa. 50:10)
55. Remember Him (Ps. 42:6; 63:6)
56. Rest in Him (Matt. 11:29)
57. Reverence Him (Mark 12:6)
58. Search for Him (Jer. 29:13)
59. See Him (John 8:56; 1 Cor. 13:12; Note: John 20:29; 1 Peter 1:8 Rev. 22:4)
60. Seek Him (Hebrews 11:6)
61. Sing to Him (Psalm 105:2)
62. Sit at His feet (Luke 10:39)
63. Submit to Him (James 4:7)
64. Sup/Dine with Him (Rev. 3:20)
65. Take His yoke (Matt. 11:29)
66. Take your sins to Him (Psalm 51:4; Luke 15:21)
67. Tell everything to Him (John 11:3; 12:22)
68. Think of Him (Matt. 22:42)
69. Thirst for Him (Matt. 5:6)
70. Touch Him (Matt. 9:21; 14:36)
71. Trust in Him (Proverbs 3:5)
72. Turn to Him (Joel 2:13)
73. Wait on Him (Psalm 27:14)
74. Walk in His Light (1 Jo 1:7)
75. Walk with Him (Gen. 6:9)
76. Worship Him (Mat. 2:2)
77. Yield to Him (2 Chron. 30:8)


Other descriptions for faith in Jesus:

1. To trust Him simply, entirely, unconditionally, fully, and completely.

2. To lean the entire weight of your sin-weary soul upon Him.

3. To give Him your sins and to receive His righteousness.

4. To stop trying to save yourself and consent to have Him do everything for you.

5. To joy and be satisfied with His finished sacrifice for sins.

6. To live for the sake of Him, out of Him, through Him, to Him, for Him, with Him, and in Him.

7. To seek Him until you find Him, and when you find Him, to never let go of Him.

8. To long to be nearer and closer to Him; to desire to be with Him where He is.

9. To find in Him your all in all.

10. To go straight to Jesus the moment that you feel the pollution, power, or presence of sin.

11. To sweetly surrender to and joy in His plan and method of salvation.

12. To trust His word of promise regardless of Satan's accusations or your own feelings.

13. To hope in Him even when you don't experience or feel His loving presence.

14. To go to Jesus exactly as you are.

15. To look entirely away from, and forget everything about yourself. To forget the exercise of faith itself, and to hope alone in the Savior and in His saving strength. To let all your contemplations and all of your thoughts to be totally absorbed and wrapped up with Him and His sacrifice for sin.

16. To not wait or tarry until you are better; to not wait for fitness or unfitness; to not seek for preparation or lack of preparation; to not delay on account of worthiness or unworthiness; but to go straight to Jesus now, even just as you are.


More descriptions of faith in Jesus:

1. Faith looks away from itself and straight to Jesus.

2. Jesus is the object, focus, and desire of faith.

3. Where faith is, Jesus is everything and man is nothing.

4. Faith forgets everything about itself and centers alone in Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for sin.

5. Faith is the union that unites the sinner to the Savior.

6. Faith is the hand that receives the Savior and His righteousness.

7. In faith there is a glorious exchange. The sinner gives his/her sin to Jesus and Jesus gives to the sinner His righteousness.

8. Faith is best known by its desires. That person has faith who desires Christ, desires holiness, and desires communion with God. “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness.” “As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after Thee, O God.” “Unto you therefore which believe He is precious.” The bride in the Song of Solomon longs for her Bridegroom. Her heart goes out after Him with longing desires.

9. Jesus is the “object” of faith to which the sinner must look. He must forget even the exercise of faith itself, and look alone to “the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world”. All his contemplations and all his thoughts must be totally focused upon and absorbed with Jesus and His sacrifice for sin.


Concluding thoughts:

“Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world,” (John 1:29). Behold this Savior! Do you not see any beauty in Him? Does His dying, redeeming love not draw your heart to desire Him for your Savior? Do you not see a perfect suitability in His righteousness, His blood, to cover the mountains of your sins? Consider His sacrifice that He gave so that you might be saved. Outside of Christ there is no hope or salvation. You need a Refuge for your soul! You need to be washed from all of your sin. Cling then to Jesus for your salvation. Cast the entire weight of your soul upon Him. Wash away all your sins in the fountain of His blood. Outside of Him there is no life, no peace, no joy, and no hope. It is so sweet to rest one’s sin-weary soul upon Him. Surrender to Him all your heart, vile and sinful as it is, for He will not cast you away, (John 6:37). “This man receives sinners,” (Luke 15:2b).

Jesus now invites you, “Incline your ear, and come unto Me: hear, and your soul shall live,” (Isaiah 55:3). “Look unto Me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else,” (Isaiah 45:22). Consider that word “Me”. The almighty and willing Savior of sinners calls you to Himself. Let all your contemplations and all your thoughts be totally absorbed and wrapped up with Him and His sacrifice for sin. “Cast yourself, in childlike faith, upon this atonement—‘Christ died for the ungodly,’ (Romans 5:6)—and you are saved!”

“But He was wounded (pierced through) for our transgressions, He was bruised (crushed) for our iniquities:
the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with His stripes (blows that cut in) we are healed” (Isaiah 53:5).


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