<bgsound src="greenvil.mid" loop="infinite"> Christian Poem: Whosoever - The Invitation of the Gospel to Everyone 8. 7. 8. 7. 8. 7.
Suggested Tune: GREENVILLE


Gijsbert V.B., November 2002



1. Whosoever, love would draw thee,     (John 3:15-17)
To "behold the Lamb of God";
Lifted up that none might perish,
But have life through His own blood.
Trust in Jesus, trust in Jesus,
Calls the infinite God of love.

2. Whosoever, Jew or Gentile,     (Romans 10:11-13)
Word of faith to thee is nigh;
Gospel tidings of rich mercy,
Urge thee to the Saviour fly:
Call upon Him, call upon Him,
Ne'er ashamed; He'll satisfy.

3. Whosoever, prophets witness,     (Acts 10:43)
Of salvation full and free;
Through Christ's Name there is remission,
And by grace 'tis proffered thee:
Hide in Jesus, hide in Jesus,
See thy sin upon the tree.

4. Whosoever, Christ yet shineth,     (John 12:46)
Yearning to dispel your night;
Why abide in deepest darkness,
When in Christ the all is bright;
Look to Jesus, look to Jesus,
Only in Him you'll walk in light.

5. Whosoever, if thou knewest,     (John 4:10,14)
Depths of mercy and of love;
Thou would'st ask the Living Water,
Flowing from the heart of God.
Ask now freely, ask now freely,
Crystal Water from above.

6. Whosoever, Christ e'er liveth,     (John 11:26)
And to thee He turns His eye;
Resurrecting grace can quicken,
Now this grace He'd glorify.
Live in Jesus, live in Jesus,
Live by faith and never die.

7. Whosoever, Christ now calls thee,     (Revelation 22:17)
By the Spirit and the bride;
Word of grace is not yet ended,
Will thy thirst be satisfied?
Take now freely, take now freely,
Come and drink the Fountain wide.

8. Whosoever, Christ soon cometh,     (Acts 2:20,21)
Now be saved in these last days;
Unto thee are gospel tidings,
And the Spirit Christ displays.
Receive gladly, receive gladly,     (Acts 2:41)
Hail thy King with shouts of praise.     


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